cinemax c-802 macrozoom (super 8)

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cinemax c-802 macrozoom (super 8)

Post by planet xxx » Wed Jul 18, 2007 3:35 pm


I bought myself a cinemax c-802 macrozoom from ebay a few weeks ago and have ben trying to work out all of the various functions it is capable of but without a manual this is proving to be quite tricky.

If anyone can help me with some of these questions i'd be very grateful.

On the 'controller' side of the camera there's a small white button which when pressed causes the exposure needle to move in the viewfinder - where it moves to doesn't seem to relate to the necessary exposure setting...does anyone have any idea what this button might do? Is it a light meter battery check perhaps? There's a separate back light control so it's definitely not that.

The manual exposure controller has the symbols A (for automatic obviously), M (for manual) but it also has 0 or O - any ideas what this is for? (to get the O setting you turn the controller in the opposite direction that you would to go to the M setting).

I have more questions but i'll leave it at that for now.



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