Moving Lomography! Films added to Zenit Quarz blog!

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Moving Lomography! Films added to Zenit Quarz blog!

Post by Muckymuck » Sun Jul 15, 2007 6:22 pm

The first two films have been posted! Both are embedded from youtube,

One is Kodak Vision 2 250D shot at Cannes, self-processed (I didn't know you could do ECN-2 without a machine!) and self-telecined by the poster.

The second is Kodak Tri X shot at Liverpool, self-processed as negative by the poster.

These are clearly both quite experimental, and definately fit the moving lomography theme.

If anyone has any more they would like me to put up, just drop me a line!
I'm a projection enthusiast primarilly but I'm going to get some of my Zenit Quarz films transferred for this blog soon!

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