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I've done some work with the "Pictures" section on this website the past few days and today I upgraded the program and added all the image files from the FTP server to this section instead.

Check it out!

This means no more pictures on the FTP server from now on. Instead I encourage you all to start using the Pictures Gallery. It's awesome and very easy to use.

Here's how you upload a picture:
  • 1. Go into the album you want your picture to be in.
    2. Click Add photos
    3. Browse your local computer or upload from a web/ftp address.
    4. Click Upload now or Submit and Dismiss when you're finished.
If you want to have this picture included in a post you're writing for the forum you can do this by simply uploading the picture to the gallery, right click on it and get its location. In your post you choose the "Img" button on top and paste the URL to the picture inbetween the img tags. Example:

Code: Select all

Need a new album?

Send me a private message or email me and I'll add the album catergory you want (if it's something you and I feel is missing).

Have fun!

PS! I've got more to do with the Pictures gallery in the days to come.
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Dave Anderson
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Post by Dave Anderson »

Nice work Awand!

Sometime, check out the image gallery system from

It is much more robust and very cheap!

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