Cop Series "Hawaii Five-0" Now Casting for Fall

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Cop Series "Hawaii Five-0" Now Casting for Fall

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"Hawaii Five-0", the hit revival of the classic CBS series, is now casting several co-starring roles from its fourth season which begins production in September.

From the producer of "CSI: NY", this series is an updated version of the 1970s show about an elite federalized task force based in Oahu whose mission is to wipe out crime in the Hawaiian Islands.

"Hawaii Five-0" stars Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. It is written by Peter M. Lenkov and Leonard Freeman, and directed by Brad Turner.

The show is being produced by Alex Kurtzman, Peter Lenkov, and Roberto Orci for 101st Street Productions and CBS Productions.

Send emails to by August 16th for more info.



["Christy"], any ethnicity, 18 - Late 20s. Christy is an attractive, sharp-minded, spunky, and flirtatious woman who works at Maxwell Home Design in Honolulu. She also has a manipulative and controlling side, and she is very adept at manipulating guys to do what she wants. When one of Christy's acquaintances named John Cooper is suddenly found killed, she is suspected by Chin Ho and Catherine as having a role in his murder. But Christy's story of her whereabouts during the murder proves to be true. CO-STARRING ROLE

["Amanda"], Caucasian, 18 - Early 20s. Amanda is a quiet, good-natured, and sheltered young woman who is on a trip to Hawaii for the first time. When Amanda is suddenly kidnapped during the trip, her father Ray is able to get the support of McGarrett to help rescue his daughter. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Kaylea"], Polynesian or Asian, 30s. Kaylea is a pretty, sensual, and playful woman who is married to a wealthy businessman named Landon. But suddenly their home is attacked by intruders and both Kaylea and Landon are tragically killed. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Sandra Cooper"], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Sandra is a humble yet hip, caring, and strongly loyal woman who is happily married and lives in Honolulu. Sandra is shocked and devastated to learn of her husband's murder, but she soon learns that her earlier concerns about his behavior were in fact justified. CO-STARRING ROLE


["Andrew Burns"], any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Andrew is a smart, professional-looking, quirky, and yet secretive guy who works at Maxwell Home Design. Andrew is the loyal personal assistant to the cute and spunky Christy, with whom he is having an ongoing affair. Andrew dreams of one day sweeping her off her feet and marrying her. When one of Christy's male acquaintances is mysteriously murdered, Andrew soon finds himself under investigation by McGarrett. CO-STARRING ROLE

["Hewitt"], Caucasian, 20s. Hewitt is a snide, vacuous, and yet charismatic rich kid who has an expensive cocaine habit. He has the outward demeanor of a typical laid-back surfer dude, but there is a slimy quality to him. Danny soon discovers that Hewitt sold the security code of Landon's alarm system to a hitman. Hewitt claims he had no idea that Landon would get hurt. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Foley"], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Foley is an intimidating, sinister, and violent professional criminal who Danny and McGarrett capture after they shoot him in the leg. They tie Foley to a chair and try to get him to reveal information about his fellow thieves that he's working with, but Foley refuses to give up any information. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Lee Benner"], any ethnicity, 40s - 50s. Lee is a shrewd, calculating, and brazen operations manager for a company called Reliant Aerospace and Defense in Honolulu. He is pushy and a bit shady. He believes that the ends justify the means, and he is willing to break the law if it helps his company. CO-STARRING ROLE

Please send photos and resumes by Friday, August 16th to for more information!
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