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clicking links

Post by paul »

Hi Andreas,

When I click a link in the forum, I get only 70% of the page of the site in a new tab, with in the forum frame. I don't mind the frame but I do mind the 70%. I work in firefox.

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Re: clicking links

Post by brokenflashlight »

Agreed. Same thing happens to me. I use Firefox at home and IE at work... it happens for both browsers. It's annoying. Everything else seems pretty cool, though.

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Re: clicking links

Post by Ace »

I second (um, I mean third?) that frustration, I am also using Firefox, and it gets annoying when I can't see the whole frame.

Everything else is awesome, glad I joined this forum.

It would be cool if you had a How-To or Tutorial Section with step by step projects ( I see you have a link at the bottom of the page that says 'DIY', so it is probably already planned.)

Some projects that I would like to see:

Widening the gate for Super Duper 8? MAX-8? or what I like to call Super Super 8
Making batteries for Beaulieu 4008
How about still frames of all film stocks for a visual reference (with a description of typical attributes) in a nice printable format :D
Making your own video tap
Making your own intervalometer
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