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Forum posting rules

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Important information to newly registered users:

All newly registered users are assigned to a new users group meaning the first 10 posts must be admin approved before published. This is the reason your post is not published right away. This is to prevent spam and misuse of the forum. When you have reached 10 new approved posts you're free and can post as you like.


It's time to give some rules and guidance about how to phrase titles/subjects of new posts and what's relevant to post.

Keep your posts about film. As long as your post slightly relates to film and filmmaking it's ok to post.

Try to get the Subject to reflect the question you have so that people will understand what your post is about when seeing your subjectline.

Forum rules:
1. Post are on topic and relevant as long as they are atleast slightly about film and filmmaking.

2. Post your new thread to the appropriate forum.

3. Don't post a message just to post something. Try to be constructive and informative.

4. If you have a very basic question it has probably been answered before. Please search the archives to see if you can find the answer before posting.

5. Don't hijack a thread by posting a message that will change the topic. Start a new thread instead.

6. Only the first letter of your subject should have a capital letter.

7. Do not use OT, SOT, TOT, KOOT or similare in subject lines. If your post is on topic post, if not don't post.

8. Do not mass-delete/alter your own messages. This will screw up the search function of this board. If you do this your account will be suspended!

9. All posts must be in English.

10. Do not post messages about religion, politics and so on.

11. No personal attacks, insults or harassment in the forum or through PMs.

12. No advertisements at all. Not for products, services or other websites! (You may however purchase adspace and advertisement packages. Please email for more info.)

13. Individual posts can be moved, edited or deleted without further notice. Users who break these rules and guidelines may receive a warning and may in worst case risk being banned from the forum.

14. Finally, Yes, you may post messages about big events in your life like: You've become a father, it's your birthday or you're getting married and want us to congratulate you. :wink:

Discuss the forum rules and guidelines here:

If you have specific questions, please PM or email me.

Have fun in here and I hope you'll enjoy and learn lots!

Best regards,
Andreas Wideroe
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Andreas Wideroe
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