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Re: Hello from FILM Ferrania!

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kontrabass888 wrote:Well, I just wish that Kodak could bring their ektachrome back to the market as the news they released in the beginning of the year.
The 35mm version for stills is listed in the catalogue of a UK photo supplier, with a price, for delivery in November.

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Re: Hello from FILM Ferrania!

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This is a shot I took with the Ferrania P30 Alpha that they recently made available to the Kickstarter backers. Shot with a Leica IIIa and developed in Rodinal 1:50. It's nice but still needs a little work. There were some scratches on the base and the slitting and perforation seemed a bit rough. Can't wait for the color reversal.

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Re: Hello from FILM Ferrania!

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looks like they've finally got color reversal ready to ship: http://www.filmferrania.it/kickstarter- ... pEwnm1Z-m4
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Re: Hello from FILM Ferrania!

Post by synthnut »

Erhm, not sure what you've seen, but I couldn't see any evidence of that!? As a backer of this from the outset they tend to update us and I've not heard that they have got that far yet. I'm sure they would be singing and dancing if they had!

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Re: Hello from FILM Ferrania!

Post by Angus »

The linked update is from over a year ago and was the message where Film Ferrania explained very clearly that they were less able to make colour reversal than they were in 2015 (for those who hadn't bothered to read the original Kickstarter campaign blurb).

I've been following them and as far as I can tell the next goal is continuous production of B&W P30 film in 135, 120 and possibly 127 formats early in 2019. They continue to work on the colour reversal but they're not close to releasing any colour film at this time. There's nothing in the linked update to suggest they are.
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Re: Hello from FILM Ferrania!

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BAC wrote: Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:27 am interesting quote from Dave with Ferrania over on Apug.
In fact, because "regular" 8mm film is infinitely easier to produce, it's likely that we will produce a small batch to release alongside Super 8 - just to see how it goes. We have already had a conversation about this as a future prospect because there are so many working 8mm cameras out there that are currently performing decorative duties on fireplace mantles and side tables...
http://www.apug.org/forum/index.php?thr ... st-1947233
because of this, Ferrania should fill the niche markets that Kodak no longer does. They could contract with Kodak for a large supply of Kodak film and perforate it at their plant. They can focus on Double Super 8mm and Regular 8mm as well as 16mm.
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