Another Pass the cart project?

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Another Pass the cart project?

Post by Andreas Wideroe »

I was wondering how many people who would be keen on doing another Pass the cart project? This time with good planning, organizing and pre-paid carts + shipping?

What do you think? Any good ideas to follow?

If you don't know what "Pass the cart" was, it was a filmproject where each participant shot about 30 seconds of film each before sending the cartridge off to the next participant and at the end the film got processed and edited together with the other films.

See here for some results: ... Ym5az0LyPg

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Re: Another Pass the cart project?

Post by aj »

It were better mentioned in the generic forum. These theme fora get very little attention.
One might wonder how many real S8 filmers still keep track of the forum here.

I didn't participate in the original projects.

I noticed in the reports there were many sloppy/lazy bum participants who took forever to expose their part.
Even worse were those who couldn't operate their camera properly and used far more than their allowed part. Leaving the last user of the cart with way too little seconds or even nothing. Then there was this little skirtbearer "sshole from UK who forgot about his promises all together and had to be forced to send the Kodachromes in for processing just before the end of Kodachrome.

Another problem is that there is no reversal film and prices have quadruppeled. Might have to resort to Tri-X

The concept was philosophically really nice but considering mentioned before and the poor visual quality of the images it will be hard to get it right this time.

The other project seems far more viable where people globally shoot some footage on the same moment and contribute that to the project. Then an editor who will by edit and select , will produce a complete assembly of it all (almost).
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Re: Another Pass the cart project?

Post by sven »

I would be interested in this project, I can contribute with a cart of color reversal film. Anyone interested in passing a cart of single-8 Fujichrome R25N (expired 2007)? I also could contribute with a cart of super8 Cinevia 50D (expired 2014) or maybe Ektachrome 100d (bought in dec 2012) or even Ektachrome 64T???? Maybe I could start here in the Netherlands with King's Day.

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Re: Another Pass the cart project?

Post by Superbus_ »

I am interested in taking part of this initiation again. I took part in the original one and the second one as well. I think the final film was interesting I loved it, especially because Tabby contributed a great audio work, so finally it was a good film and a funny idea to be done.

Well, I am positive that we could avoid the last filmmaker''s problem, that in case the cassette has run out of time, by securing an entire new casette for the last guy. Is it more fair am I right? By the way, as I remember I was able to keep the time of my part in both occasions.
Another solution could be to share 1 casette by two or maximum 3 guys (are there women? we need more women to make films, it is another perspective), so we have more time to manage and film our parts and it could be cut better as I see.

Finally, I was not too active here for a while here, but planning to be involved again.

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