LAST CHANCE: Get Your Script in the Running Today!

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LAST CHANCE: Get Your Script in the Running Today!

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Searching for a way to jump-start your screenwriting career?

I invite you to enter The 2017 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards contest!

In just a few short months, our Judges will select this year's winners. The winning writers will receive cash and prizes totaling over $50,000 — including Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prizes in each of our ten genre categories — plus our huge $25,000 Grand Prize!

Most importantly, the PAGE Awards competition is widely recognized as one of the top sources for new screenwriting talent, both within the Hollywood community and internationally, and many of our past winners have gone on to build highly successful careers in the industry.

This is one of the few screenplay contests in the world that can actually help you land an agent or manager, option and sell your script, and get your movie or television show produced!

Take a look at what Hollywood executives are saying:

“I love judging the PAGE Awards. I’m always very impressed with the quality of scripts that reach the top — consistently better than any other screenwriting contest out there. And the three clients that I found through the contest have gone on to have great success. It’s a wonderful contest that brings attention to talented writers and jump-starts their careers."

- Lee Stobby, Lee Stobby Entertainment

"I consider the PAGE Awards to be one of the top screenwriting competitions in the world. It is exceptionally well run and they work tirelessly to champion and support emerging writers. In 2015, I produced ABOUT SCOUT, which was a PAGE Award winner, and I am now optioning other PAGE Award-winning screenplays. I am proud to be a judge and look forward to continuing my relationship with PAGE well into the future."

- Beverley Gordon, Brownbag Pictures

“The PAGE Awards has been a great professional resource for me. Over the past couple of years I have optioned several PAGE Award-winning screenplays that are now on track to production, including the 2014 Grand Prize winner CARNIVAL. I look forward to seeing what exciting new material I discover in this year’s crop of winners.”

- Mitchell Peck, Peck Entertainment

“After reading PAGE scripts for the past three years, I find myself continually blown away by the quality of the content being submitted. The originality and diversity of the stories being told by these writers from all over the world is incredibly impressive. Through the contest I discovered a talented writer that I'm now collaborating with on a short film, which I'm very excited about. The PAGE Awards is a special program that has created a platform for producers and executives to link up with extremely talented writers.”

- Julie Pacino, Unofficially Unlimited

These are just a few of the many industry execs who'll be judging the Final Rounds of the 2017 PAGE Awards competition.

Enter this year's contest, and they could soon be reading your script!

Best of all, most of the Judges who read our Semi-Final and Final Rounds discover at least one screenplay they're interested in producing or writer they're interested in hiring or signing during the judging process. So, even before the contest results are announced, you could have a producer, agent, or manager chomping at the bit to contact you.

We'd love to help jump-start your career in 2017!

But Please Note: Our Final Entry Deadline is coming up fast — Wednesday, May 17 — so you have just a few more days to get your script in the running!

To find out more about this year's contest and to submit your script, simply click this link:

It could prove to be a life-changing, career-making decision for you — just like it has been for so many of our past winners.

We look forward to reading your screenplay!

Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Berg
Administrative Director
The 2017 PAGE International
Screenwriting Awards
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