Film Making by car park meter

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Film Making by car park meter

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May sound a little cranky but over way too many years film making I developed a good way to limit wasted time when making films in a small group involving only one location.

Do the script and run through it.
Make sure everyone knows what they are doing.
Get everything else arranged.

The first time I used this arrangement years ago we all met on the same car park having estimated the length of time it would take to shoot our film and I announced we have 3 hours. We all put 3 hours on the parking meter knowing we were time limited and set off to film the various local locations, the clock was ticking and we had time checks every 30 minutes to make sure we kept to the script and schedule. 30 minutes filming time left was announced before we needed to return to the car park and time was up and it worked. When filming in a small group things can quickly get out of hand and I find the car park time limits really handy sometimes to keep everyone on track.
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