16mm Sound Film to DVD

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16mm Sound Film to DVD

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Sound Movie with Reversed Optical Track:
I have a 1974 16mm, optical sound movie film that is a 'first copy' of the original sound film. The company that copied the original sound film sent back a copy, but the sound track was reversed so that the film has to be rewound backwards and flipped if you want to hear and understand a legible sound track. I want to make a DVD of this historical film, but don't know how to get the sound synced with the film on the DVD. I am a novice and need help advising me how, who and what I need to do to get this project done. Your help will be more than greatly appreciated.

Please help me if you can, Geoff

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Re: 16mm Sound Film to DVD

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Hi Geoff. Welcome to the forum. My sympathies to you - this sounds like a bit of a nightmare to resolve.

What's the soundtrack like? Is it just some kind of voiceover/background music where it doesn't matter if it's out of synch by a couple of seconds or so - or are we talking about lipsynch and such like where it needs to be more or less accurate to a frame?

I'd suggest you'll post the topic again in the 'Small Gauge Forum', and clarify the point I just made. I'm sure you'll get more responses on there than here under 'Projects'.


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