Zeiss Ikon M811

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Zeiss Ikon M811

Post by gazza »

I hope i'm posting in the right thread...
I have my fathers Zeiss Ikon M811. It looks in wonderful condition.
I cant seem to understand how to open up the film area. Can anyone help, or is there a on line manual?
I don't want to damabe camera trying to figure it out..
PS. I believed I posted this already, If I@M making mistake please let me know... Thank you.

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Re: Zeiss Ikon M811

Post by lencia »

Have you checked it maybe on YouTube or sth? It is difficult to tell it without a photo of an aparat.
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Re: Zeiss Ikon M811

Post by alexmuir »

It looks like you turn the big silver ring on right side one quarter turn clockwise and the film door should open on a hinge towards the rear. That's from looking at a picture online. If that doesn't work, check that there is a hinge down the back. It looks that way on the picture. If so, the catch is either jammed, or that silver ring is not the lock. In the latter case, the lock is perhaps underneath behind the handgrip? If there is no hinge, the door may slide backwards, or lift off, but that would be unusual. It would still have some form of safety lock.

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