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Home Scanners - Braun NovoScan

Post by wahiba »

As covid took a hold last year i treated myself to a Braun NovoScan super8 - Normal 8 Scanner. It is also sold under a few other names but this was the one available in the UK from Firstcall Photorgraphic in the UK.

Basically a digital camera that photographs individual frames at around 2 fps at 1440 x 1080 resolution. MP4 file is save to an SD card at 20 fps. this is a useful rate as when digitally editing reducing the rate by 0.9 or 0.8 seems to be straight forward in most editors. there is basic frame and exposure adjustment. It only takes 200' reels so anything bigger needs to be split.

While it may be possible to do better with other kit it certainly delivers way better than any projector based device.

While I am not likely to indulge in 8mm film making again I do have 50 plus years of home movies. Granted much of it deserves to be long forgotten but it is interesting what odd bits one finds.

Obviously I went through all my important stuff first and am now down to the real old domestic stuff.

I have uploaded quite a bit on to You Tube and this is my Railway Playlist of which all bar one was originated on 8mm; including some home processed!

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... l-1T3wEywF

All the usual disclaimers - these are 'home movies' and the sound tracks are from copyright DVDs or YouTube.
New web site and this is cine page http://www.picsntech.co.uk/cine.html

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Re: Home Scanners - Braun NovoScan

Post by jpolzfuss »


Great shots of trains that I sometimes didn’t know of. I wonder whether they’re all still in operation.

Also thanks for the proof that these Chinese film scanners (from Winait, but sold under at least ten other brand names) can produce something useful. ;-)
BTW: Did you spend much time in post - other than adding titles and sound? (Image stabilization, colour correction, …)

Thanks and regards
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