My first Regular 8mm Print from negative

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My first Regular 8mm Print from negative

Post by studiocarter2 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:38 am

Un 54 was shot today in a H8 Rex, hand held. The film was developed to negative. After it dried, I printed it on ORWO DP 3. The lamp was on 3 or the dial was close to 7, like 6 3/4 to make 3 exact on the needle. I spliced it together without using a viewer, so it is all messed up. But all I really wanted to see was if the projected positive print looked good. It does. Even though the print looks dark.

Short 3 foot strips were printed hand held. JOBO 110 reel was used in a tiny tank to develop the tests. One Shot (Rodinal) 1:50, 10 min, 68 degrees, stop bath 30 sec., fix 10 min, wash by the Ilford method and a short photo flow. Films were wiped. dropped. lost, torn up, scattered, reversed. lost

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