"True Blood" from HBO Now Casting for Sixth Season GENERIC

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"True Blood" from HBO Now Casting for Sixth Season GENERIC

Post by CastNotice » Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:09 pm

"True Blood", the popular vampire drama show from HBO, is now casting several ongoing roles for Season 6 which begins shooting in February.

From the producer of "Six Feet Under", this series is about a telepathic waitress living in rural Louisiana who falls in love with a vampire and tries to deal with the rocky relationship.

"True Blood" stars Anna Paquin and Sam Trammell. It is written by Alan Ball and Raelle Tucker, and directed by Scott Winant and Michael Lehmann.

The show is produced by Alan Ball, Brian Buckner, Mark Hudis, and Marlis Pujol for Your Face Goes Here Entertainment in association with HBO.

Send emails to VampireTalent@gmail.com by January 25th for more info.



["Nicole Jannsen"], any ethnicity, 18 - Late 20s. Nicole is a pretty, spontaneous, and reckless young woman who is passionately involved in several campus protest movements. She strongly believes in many social issues such as environmentalism and social justice, and she is willing to fight for these causes. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Willa Burrell"], Caucasian, 20s. Willa is a frank, outspoken, and honest young woman who never hesitates to say what is on her mind. She is the daughter of Governor Burrell, but she has always been reluctant to be in the public spotlight. CO-STARRING ROLE

["Maggie"], Caucasian, African-American, or Latina, 30s - 40s. Maggie is a caring, strong-willed, and moody woman who is carrying her first child. She intends to become a stay-at-home mom with her baby and is very excited about giving birth for the first time. She is devastated when she suspects that her husband may have suddenly left her during her pregnancy. CO-STARRING ROLE

["Veronica"], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Veronica is an attractive, sensual, and fun-loving woman who is spunky and fearless. Veronica gets a thrill out of having vampires suck her blood. STARRING ROLE


["Bruce"], any ethnicity, 18 - Late 20s. Bruce is a "hip nerd"----he's a strongly intelligent, idealistic, and earnest recent college grad from New England who just started working at his dream job at a hip internet company. He is also deeply critical of the capitalist system, and he has eagerly participated in many protest movements similar to Occupy Wall Street. SERIES REGULAR

["Jessie"], Caucasian, African-American, or Latino, 20s - 30s. Jessie is a proudly defiant, self-righteous, somewhat arrogant, and intelligent activist guy who loves to defy authority. He is politically radical and has participated in many campus protests similar to Occupy Wall Street. Jessie always takes the political movement ultra-seriously----almost to a fault. SERIES REGULAR

["Lead State Trooper"], any ethnicity, 40s - 50s. This officer is a stern, self-disciplined, and demanding state trooper who has an intimidating way of dealing with people. He has spent his whole adult life in law enforcement and has experienced many dangerous situations. PRINCIPLE ROLE

Please send photos and resumes by January 25th to VampireTalent@gmail.com for more information!


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