Music video - shooting with super 8

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Music video - shooting with super 8

Post by mikethompson » Mon Jan 01, 2007 7:02 pm

New to the forum; need ideas on shooting a music video.

I'm the performer, and unfortunately, the director too :) I have a trustworthy assistant that will do the filming when I need to be in the shot, but everything else I will take care of. I am not new to filming, but i have never had to sync sound before.

The good news is, my video does not require long intense shots of my performance, but rather a story line throughout the film, so the actual sync'ed performances won't be longer than 5-10 seconds in length at a time (estimate). There will be planty of shots, but very minimal timing. My concern is how to sync this up with the music if I start and stop at different points in the song, and then try to match the film with the audio track in Adobe Premiere. Is this a pain to do? The other option would have been to run the film roll dry on 1 constant shot at a time of me performing, and then edit that together with the cut scenes, but problem #2 would be that the audio probably wouldn't stay synced for that long, and also the roll only lasts around 3 minutes, right? So that would be impractical.

If anyone has any ideas to help me get started I'd appreciate it. I've never done this before :) I don't mind spending the money on film and such (I also plan to get a nice Canon to do the job), but I don't want to waste anything and this stuff's expensive! Thanks in advance...

~mike thompson (sorry for the long 1st post)

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Re: Music video - shooting with super 8

Post by vickersdc » Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:34 am

I know it's only been a few years since you posted the question, but just in case it helps someone else...

Record the song (just the audio, MP3 for example), then play the MP3 back whilst filming you lip-sync'ing to the recording you just made.

Hope that helps someone?!

David. Traditional film photography.

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Re: Music video - shooting with super 8

Post by MattWalters » Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:32 pm

Hi Karla,

I am shooting a rap video non sync, luckily for this format quick scene cutting is the norm in the genre, the best way is when you are editing in final cut or adobe (or whatever other programme) is to cut your initial performance footage up into sections between the fill footage

in a rap video just for example this would correspond to

performance footage : lip sync rapping

fill footage : cars, jewellery shots, throwing up hand signs, city skylines, whatever you cant think of

that way you can always edge the 2-3 sync shots back into sync by pushing them micrometers along the timeline using the fill footage as spacers

is what I have said clear ? if not feel free to PM me or just reply here and I'll go over it in more detail

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Re: Music video - shooting with super 8

Post by MattWalters » Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:36 pm

here is a perfect example of this method

edit: hmm apparently I am now allowed to link to youtube, if you open youtube manually and search "riff raff - larry bird" you can watch the video, its uploaded by the artist himself with full permission for free streaming, so its not breaking any copyright laws for you to access it

you'll see it constantly cutting every few words, this is what it might look like in your edit prog

|----torso frame rap---| |---torsoframe rap--|
|----closeup rap--| |--closerap-|
|---head bobbing scene----| |--staring at camera|

apologies to those who's monitors are not set up like mine and see that all as jumbled nonsense

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Re: Music video - shooting with super 8

Post by camera8mm » Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:36 pm

glad is this finally being solved.
why would you need to cut the audio on a picture edit anyway?
the picture would be shot, audio syncing on a non live music video isnt necessary, just use audio as a reference point.
on the final edit after the picture is cut, the full audio track would be laid down.

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