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Post by 71er » Sat May 30, 2009 9:25 pm

Inspired by some parts of the "pass the cart" project I am proposing that the theme of a new project should be "Bridges"; whether they are real or hypothetic doesn't matter.
There have been some proposals lately of how a new project should be carried out: a new pass the cart project, a film of a certain day, or one cartridge per person with a certain theme. Well, I am proposing one cartridge per person with the theme "Bridge" and this filmed on a certain day.
Anybody with me?

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Re: Proposal

Post by Superbus_ » Sun May 31, 2009 8:08 pm

Count me in. Great idea. What kind of film will be used?
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Re: Proposal

Post by jpolzfuss » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:06 pm

This space was left intenionally blank.

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Re: Proposal

Post by jpolzfuss » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:28 am

(The above link is the result of this project :wink: )

Now some more information:


in 2009 Alexander had the idea for this project and posted the above proposal here on However back then the response was low. Then all of a sudden the old thread popped up again in early 2012 due to some spam-spot that added some links to fake WOW Gold/fake wrist watches/fake medicine/fake whatever. Even though the spam got deleted, I noticed the thread and contacted Alexander. We then asked some more filmers and started to film. Each participant had to film half a cart at 24fps.
The films had been bought at as it was cheaper than the other European sources and as Bart (from Bluecinetech) was willing to accept a single order, but splitting it and shipping it several different persons. (This saved us a few coins and at least two weeks! Thanks again, Bart!)
Alexander shot in Leoben, Austria.
César shot "a bridge of the railway between Madrid and Valencia (non-AVE fast railway) in the province of Cuenca, known locally as Enguídanos Bridge, but also has the name of Torres Quevedo" (Spain)
Con shot in Melbourne, Australia.
Martin shot in and around Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
Robert shot indoors in Austria (unfortunately Alexander shot more than half a cart, hence Robert's part is incomplete).
And I shot the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin, Germany.
Processing of the negative was done by Andec. I then spliced the films and did a rough transfer. (Getting a positive image out of negative is very hard.)
Then I shared that video and the other ones gave me hints about which part has to be removed. I edited the film as closely to this wishes as possible. (Editing negatives is a real PITA as you'll only seen brown colours on a brown background in the viewer.)
Andec then did two Super8-prints (one for Alexander, one for me - the other ones decided that a video-copy would do).
Patricio Mora Gomez then did the excellent HD-transfer. (It's in full-HD - the version on vimeo is only at 720p as I've only got a "basic"-vimeo-account that doesn't allow higher resolutions.)

Problems that occurred while shooting:
* Of course shooting in the summer (in Europe) caused some problems, as "summer" doesn't automatically mean "good weather" in Germany and Austria. And of course "summer" in the Northern hemisphere means "winter" in the Southern hemisphere.
* Con noticed (after watching the video) that the image in his camera's viewfinder doesn't exactly represent the recorded image. Hence he heavily edited his part. As Apple decided not to provide H.264-/MP4-support for his Mac, he had to do this in PAL-resolution. And even though I was able to watch his video without problems, it caused some problems in "Magix". So I had to convert it with another tool (which rotated the image by 180°), ... . Even though it's now in the final version, I'm a little bit disappointed as it now does have black bars on top and at the bottom, instead of simply getting blown up... . But he'll get a new PC soon and then send me a full-hd version of his part.
* Patricio Mora Gomez's transfer device broke before he was doing the transfer. So we had to wait until it got repaired.
* Sometimes the shipping took a little bit longer then expected. In combination with the weather this caused several delays. So I dropped off the negatives at Andec a month later than predicted.
* Prints made by Andec normally take 4 weeks. However this time it took them longer. (Nevertheless the prints are awesome!)
* ...
So it's now nearly a year between me contacting Alexander and me putting the first version onto vimeo (instead of the predicted 6-7 months).

That's it (for the moment),
This space was left intenionally blank.

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Re: Proposal

Post by Andreas Wideroe » Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:10 pm

Great project!

I liked the idea of bridges and this being an international project. It has another dimension to it, build bridges between people. Congrats. Great stuff!

Andreas Wideroe
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