Converting an FDL-60 telecine to a Scanner

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Converting an FDL-60 telecine to a Scanner

Post by vintagefilm » Thu May 21, 2015 5:20 pm

Andreas has an FDL-60, and I used to have some of them, so I thought I would share some ideas about a conversion. The film transport in the FDL is quite good, so if possible, we would like to use it as-is. The camera system is easily removed from the chassis, so that is the first step. We will need to replace the gate, lens, camera, and light and find a way to trigger the new camera. These sub-systems will be very similar to the design that the open scanner will use. We can look at the details of that in other threads about those systems, not yet posted.

I need some details about your FDL, Andreas. First what model and serial number is it? Does it have the late motor design installed? Can you share some photos of the reel motors? Is is still online, and is it working?

This idea can be relatively simple if the original systems can be used.
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