Fujica ZC1000 vs Fujica ZC1000 New

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Fujica ZC1000 vs Fujica ZC1000 New

Post by Gabe Agoado » Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:34 am

I've been lucky enough to end up with both versions of the camera, so I just wanted to post some facts on how to tell the difference between the two for others to read, because I've had a hard time sourcing this information myself. Some of these are already on the internet, some not:
1) The ZC1000 New lens has a black fold-able zoom lever. The ZC1000 lens has a removable silver zoom lever and several places on the lens with silver screw threads with which to screw it in.
2) The ZC1000 lens has a label on the macro ring that reads "this lens cannot be used on 16mm movie cameras", the ZC1000 New does not.
3) The back of the ZC1000 is fully covered with rubber, the back of the ZC1000 New is only half covered in rubber, the other half has decals for the remote control socket and to explain the 8 pin socket that the hand-grip plugs into.
4) The bottom of the ZC1000 New is covered in rubber and only has 1 tripod socket, the bottom of the ZC1000 has three tripod sockets but no rubber.
5) The trigger button on the handgrip for the ZC1000 is black, the ZC1000 New has a gray trigger button (not 100% sure that the paint hasn't just come off).
6) The top of the handgrip for the ZC1000 has a rubber layer, the top of the handgrip for the ZC1000 New is only 1/3 covered with rubber.
The ZC1000 New fixed the problem of the numbers in the frame counter sometimes getting stuck halfway between 2 numbers. Supposedly the ZC1000 New also has a strengthened lens mount, however this is only discernible when using heavier lenses, there is no visual difference.

I hope this helps someone out there identify which camera they are looking at on Ebay or at a garage sale or w/e. Needless to say they are both excellent cameras and you can't really go wrong with either of them.

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