Bolex H16 dark viewfinder

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Bolex H16 dark viewfinder

Post by prur » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:06 am


Recently I got a new H16 Bolex.

As I remembered, the lever at the viewfinder should be vertical position when I am not shooting. And while I am shooting, the other way around.(horizontal set)

When I see through the viewfinder image looks very clear with vertical position. But as long as I change the lever horizontally, the viewfinder scope get really dark. Specially the bottom part(30% of box) seems somehow blocked.

Therefore I feel like I am doing really opposite way with lever.

1. As I knew, proper the viewfinder lever position for shooting was vertical.(am I wrong?) Could it be the other way around?
If the horizontal way is closed and vertical is open, it seems work well. (Because when the lever is vertical position, I can see very well)
2. Regardless the lever position, I thought the viewfinder image should be actually more or less same. I remember some of my friends had mistake shooting with lever up because they looks aren't different in viewfinder. But it seems not with my H16
3. I wonder it would be solution using attachable viewfinder on the side instead of basic view finder, in case that this viewfinder really has problem..

Sorry about way too basic question for others, but it's been too long time I used bolex. So it is quite confusing, hope to listen any advice. Thnks!

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Re: Bolex H16 dark viewfinder

Post by DrBolex » Sun Mar 26, 2017 5:03 am

Did you get an answer for help

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