Aaton LTR 7 any knowledge appreciated!

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Aaton LTR 7 any knowledge appreciated!

Post by Littlek1 » Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:09 pm

Hi there,

I've just been given an old Aaton, I'm assuming it's a LTR 7 as it's serial number is C 709. Despite reading advice on many forums to not go near this camera with a barge pole, I'm still super keen to give it a go for the fun of it.

I'm wondering if anyone could please suggest what the black bar is obscuring the top part of the viewfinder and whether it's anything to be concerned about?
Also, the mirror wheel has corroded and if it brush it slightly, specs come off - does anyone know any solutions for this? I was thinking clear nail varnish over it but that might be the worst idea ever.
Thanks so much in advance for any replies!
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