Help with a Bolex H16 SBM

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Help with a Bolex H16 SBM

Post by WEKurtz » Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:54 pm


I have a Bolex H16 SBM that want to sell. It was stored in a shelf for decades and today all seem to be OK but one thing: The camera does not keep the shooting speed. It's obvious that the machine suffers much to keep running. In fact, it always stops before the winding ends, and sometimes it even slows down and stops near the beginning of the charge. I don't know much about these cameras (my passion is Photography, not Cinematography) but knowing that they are 100% mechanical and keeping in mind the many years it was sleeping, I'd say that this is a problem of lubrication... but of course I can't asseverate it.

What could be the problem? Is this easy to solve or requires a professional service? And in the last case, would it be very expensive?

Any info will be highly appreciated!

Thank you!

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