Tri-x in a Konica compact 8?

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Tri-x in a Konica compact 8?

Postby PastelShoal » Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:35 am

I might have tried posting this in the wrong forum previously, my apologies...

Anyways, I recently bought a Konica Compact 8 camera. Mostly because of it's small size and its resemblance of Single 8 cameras. Yet I am struggling with understanding the meter in the camera. According to this site ( ... mpact8.htm) the camera only meters up to 100 ISO.

This is troubleome as my main film is tri-x, a 200 ISO S8 film. I believe this would mean I would be overexposing by a full stop. Which is a serious issue. Can anyone here confirm if the camera really only meters to 100 ISO? Or maybe, someone here has shot tri-x in the camera? I believe a few people here have shot with this camera before. I would be using a 1.35v wein cell if it is relevant.

Thanks in advance!
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