10th june Super-8 evening in Amsterdam EYE institute

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10th june Super-8 evening in Amsterdam EYE institute

Post by aj » Tue May 27, 2014 10:40 am

Special Super-8 evening in Amsterdam EYE institute
with projection of several well appreciated films.

http://www.eyefilm.nl/dagboekfilms-de-p ... id=1129807

On the 10th of June E*Cinema Academy will be dedicated to the darling of artist’s film practice, the Super8 film, bringing together a special selection of films from different artists all shot on this format, some of which were recently preserved by EYE but rarely seen before.

The evening focuses on Dutch artist Jaap Pieters, probably the best known Super8 practitioner in Holland, also known as the EYE of Amsterdam. His films are small gems of the everyday life, poetic diary films, shot from and around his apartment in Amsterdam. The evening offers a rare occasion to see Super8 films projected in its original format by the artist in person.

The program includes short films by Luk Sponselee, Peter Rubin, Barbara Meter and Jean-Pierre Sens and is presented by Simona Monizza, curator of experimental film in EYE. A performance by Caroline Ruijgrok en improvisation musician Oscar Jan Hoogland will accompany the program.

Part 1: introduction by Simona Monizza (5 min) followed by a selection of Jaap Pieters’ Super8 films projected by the artist (selection not yet known), and a short Q&A. Total length 30 min.
Part 2: a music and spoken word performance by Caroline Ruijgrok and Oscar Jan Hoogland using the films Bereklauw (Jaap Pieters, 1992, 35mm, 3 min); Opwaaiingen (Jaap Pieters, 2009, 35mm, 3 min) and Convalescing (Barbara Meter, 35mm, 3 min) projected in new blow-up 35mm copies. Total length 20 min
Part 3: a selection of artist’s Super8 films restored to 16mm: Hidden Mystery (Luk Sponselee); Walk 1 (Jean-Pierre Sens, 1991); Browsers Welcome (Peter Rubin, 1982). Total length 25 min
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