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Ice Cream Project

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The Ice Cream Project is an vegan ice cream shoppe and writing cafe designed to promote the exchange of ideas and philosophies over a healthy scoop of a delicious treat. Workshops will be conducted specializing in fiction, non-fiction, film, and children's writing for aspiring writers interested in publishing their work. Offering the largest variety of vegan snacks in Boston, The Ice Cream Project sells over 25 vegan flavors of ice cream and features a to-go menu for dogs with 30 flavors for your pup to choose from. For menu and ordering information, contact us at


This workshop is designed for students with literary potential interested in fine-tuning their writing abilities for writing a novel, a short story collection, or a poetry collection. As part of the program, students will have a comprehensive opportunity to develop their craft within a studio environment, emphasizing practical exercises and activies designed to ignite and sustain the writing impulse. Small and flexible, the program ensures personal attention and a friendly writing community with high contact hours, genre specialization, and critical and creative breadth. This workshop covers presentation skills, editing, publishing and performing, and aims to encourage students' aspirations to produce work which is ultimately publishable.

The nonfiction program is committed to students who wish to write publishable nonfiction books and articles, study writing and technology, or who may be interested in professional writing or editing and publishing. Students will employ techniques and modes - for example, images, metaphors, special setence rhythms, stories and dialog - familiar to readers of fiction, poetry, and drama. By using published works of non-fiction as models, stimulation for discussion and exposition will prepare students to evaluate their own work as well as reflect upon the evolving path of non-fiction.

This workshop covers the criticial appreciation of existing children's literature authors and provides an opportunity to develop creative writing skills specializing in this chosen genre. Students will extend qualifications by undertaking professional development, infusing creativity with technique to offer educational and imaginative works for young readers. Emphasis is placed upon workshops and children's responses to encourage students to explore writing and producing, as well as understanding children's literature and influence within our culture.

The Film Theory workshop traces the deep history of film theory from early 1900's to present day, examining film texts and exploring emerging film techniques and approaches. Students will study aesthetics and conduct critical analyses and debates in film theory and key texts, while viewing a wide range of relevant films. Compiling extensive historical coverage, cinema will be defined according to the earliest through most contemporary attempts to place film in the contexts of philosophy, sociology, psychology, as well as address issues of gender and race. The workshop provides clear curricular and research resources within respective disciplines and enables students to have their work formally recognized.

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