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Post by Kublip » Thu May 09, 2002 2:17 am

I just recently purchased a Ricoh 800z camera, and I was wondering what the black, bowled shaped, rubber lens attachment was? I would like to get a manual, I know shooting8mm and theSuper8List(I think it's called) and they don't have it. Even just a few tips from people who have maybe used a RICOH 800z before, and I must say it is a sharp looking camera. I am really proud of it. Just haven't got my film back yet to figure out if I'm doing it right. I'm sure you can all think back to when you first started and trying to figure all the things that go with shooting S8 and the potential of disaster(i've shot two rolls of Kodachrome that are know are just not gonna look good). So when I use the auto exposure, do I just match my lens fstop to what the meter says in the viewfinder or do I match it with the distance to my subject or do I match it up with the fstop reading on the side? Or do I shoot manual and match them all up to my fstopreading on the side or the distance to my subject? And how does the ASA of the film come into play? Film speeds? Filter? I'm sorry but I have scoured this internet for info and the more i read the more that I find out stuff that seems to complicate my rationalization or my thinking. I have no photography background and I believe that's my problem. But I've got a lot of good ideas and such but I find myself stumped by two things: exposure and focus. I want to shoot in TRI - X black and white. Maybe set up a moc-situation using tri-x with artificial light? Or just a little info would be nice. Sorry, but I'm frustrated.


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Some links for the Ricoh 800Z

Post by S8 Booster » Thu May 09, 2002 6:04 am

Hello Kublip.
Seem to be quite a special cam you got. Soory that I can not help you out a lot but here is some link/mail addresses you might try out in Japan. Both are heavy S8 related and do have some info on the Ricoh 800Z. Maybe they can help you out with a manual?

(if you search this list you will find some specs on your cam ... amera.html)

Here is a good one too:

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