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Post by FilmIs4Ever » Wed Jan 28, 2004 2:27 am

I'm just going to bump this topic back to the front. Andreas, could it possibly be made a sticky for a while? I'd really like to see how many users are actively involved in this forum, as well as those who occasionally browse it. Having this topic as a sticky would give even the reluctant posters a chance at putting in their 2 cents

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Post by Alastair » Wed Jan 28, 2004 2:58 am

I registered three months ago, although I have been a regular visitor since 2002. I try to check in most days when I have time - I find it quite compulsive! The level of commitment to Super 8 and the expertise displayed here are both amazing.

I have lots of film in the fridge but none in the camera at the moment - plenty of thoughts, not enough deeds.


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Post by Smurf » Wed Jan 28, 2004 5:13 am

Hey Hey Hey,

I'm a new member but I was into film basicly half my life. I don't know much...I shot alike 30 rolls just for fun and I don't know a thing but some turned out alright some didn't and some things I just don't understand. I always shot movies on video and Digital, now I want to go back to the roots of things and learn this art form. I am currently working on a 20 minute short about an old stone castle a couple hours from my house. I went out shooting the other day in 18 degree weather, I don't know what kinds of effects this has on the camera but it was pretty cool, just hope things turn out "crazy". I like weird things, especialy when it comes to film, the more distorted the film is the better. Its just a great art form and I like to check this site often, and post some stupid questions I have!

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Post by soundboy » Wed Jan 28, 2004 11:17 am

I'm one of the newbies in this forum and would like to say thanks to everyone's friendly replies to my questions over the last few weeks.

I have been shooting S8 for three short months and have learnt alot from many people in the short time iv'e been visiting

Thanks guy's and Long Live Super 8mm


Post by Santo » Wed Jan 28, 2004 4:12 pm

I browse the forum once or twice a day.

Super 8 has been my salvation from the tyranny of the overlords I serve under as a screenwriter demanding I make my screenplays more into rip-offs of movies they recognize. All so I can make my daily bread.

However it's a HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN WORKING FOR A LIVING. :D Threw away enough of my life doing that.

I'm in the last stages of a super 8 short which would have been impossible had I not discovered all sorts of info on this site several months ago.

My big claim to fame is in post right now. My no-compromise first feature film that I co-wrote and directed which was shot, my apologies, in DV -- with dashes of super 8. But you know what? I shot it in DV to LOOK like what it is. Shitty video. Crude, blown out, beautiful images. The comedy stars one of the maniacs from the future cult classic THE HEBREW HAMMER and cameos from a few well-known Canadian filmmakers (some who think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread, others who hate my guts). If you get the Canadian Film Centre's "Reel Brief" emailing or check their website, it will be featured in the Feb. edition. Can't say more then that about it except we lucked out beyond our wildest dreams in the way this thing turned out -- it's like I made a pact with the devil -- and you should be able to catch it at a film festival near you in the coming year.

So yeah, when I'm not wrestling in Mexican border towns, I'm a "film professional" or whatever.

I'm planning my own super 8 feature by the end of the year. Super 8 deserves its place in the feature film sun and I'm inspired by people I see here trying to do that. I think it's best suited to a horror film. Black and white perhaps. Plus-X likely, maybe something else with even more resolution. I've been working on the script for a while now. Another draft or two and it should be what I want. All I've got left to solve really are image stability issues and I've put all the pieces of the super 8 technical puzzle together for myself. Then it's all about money, of course.

When I'm rich I will be making a substantial monetary contribution to this site. Really.

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Post by Roster » Wed Jan 28, 2004 9:23 pm

I check in several times a week, if for nothing more than interesting super 8 related anecdotes. I used to shoot a lot of film back in the 1970's and early 1980's (S8, 16mm) but then switched to video. Now I'm beginning to start shooting S8 again, so this forum has been a tremendous resource. Also, lately, I've had to use old S8 and 16mm film (transferred to DV) for my documentary projects. This has been alot of fun. Presently, I'm working on an idea for a new documentary that will alternate between DV and S8 as the acquisition medium. This renders a unique look that for me has been used to very good effect in other docs that I've seen.

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Post by pelluet » Wed Jan 28, 2004 9:27 pm

Hello super 8ers

I found this site through a link on the 8mm forum; I check both equally because they are both really friendly , have a huge knowledge base among their membership and both are up to the minute in terms of whats going on on the 8mm scene.

My interest in super is very much split into two camps, hence my looking at both forums. I enjoy both making and projecting movies, I have a passion for all things mechanical and just love super 8 cameras and projectors. I can't afford to indulge my hobby to the extent that I would like so reading about the good stuff on here is the next best thing :? .

I take a super 8 camera with me where ever I go, particularly in the summer. I like to do double system sound recording and editing the old fashioned way with an editor and splicer, so satisfying especially when you get to project your masterpiece the old fashioned way too :wink: .

Mike. 8)


Post by Alex » Wed Jan 28, 2004 11:48 pm

Rick Palidwor wrote:
My latest "project" is using a super 8 camera as a still camera. There are 3600 frames on a 50' cartridge which is about a penny a shot. (How can you tell I am broke these days!). It sure saves a lot of space if your travelling. I transfer the roll to tape as I would for "motion" and then in Final Cut Pro I export jpegs of my favourites. I will post some on my web site soon. I've been getting some cool time exposure stuff with a Nizo I borrowed.

At the risk of being labelled a freak, I have to confess that I like the Ektachrome 7240. I like the K40 but the 2-3 week process wait is a killer whereas I can get the 7240 done in a day. Obviously Kodak could have made a better choice than 7240 but compared to the old Type 'G' it's a god-send. But aside from the processing issues, I like the colours and texture of 7240 and might continue to shoot it anyway.

I used vision 200T stock for time-exposure once, it appears to produce a finer grain then Ektachrome time-exposure (however Ektachrome grain seems to reduce the longer you expose the frame, so the difference is somewhat minimized).

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Post by super8man » Thu Jan 29, 2004 12:09 am

By George, I never posted to this post...what was I thinking? I check it two times a day to see what the latest rant is. Most time the rant is my own!

Great forum and great folks.

This forum is great, lots of smart people and lots of ideas (that's the best part). And more technical data than I care to think about - I like that.
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Post by marc » Thu Jan 29, 2004 3:49 am

Alex wrote: I used vision 200T stock for time-exposure once, it appears to produce a finer grain then Ektachrome time-exposure (however Ektachrome grain seems to reduce the longer you expose the frame, so the difference is somewhat minimized).
If you expose the 7240 at asa 100, the grain is reduced and you get decent latitude out of it.

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Post by S8 Booster » Thu Jan 29, 2004 3:25 pm

While I use a MAC I always keep a Shoot8 "Door" open on my so while the other goes for a Fag I Joint -he Forum News instead.

Working on one S8 PRO Promo film and 2 minor contest films (Not to serious - my aim is to break every *rule* in serious filmmakeing in a proper manner) besides experimenting with anything in the S8 world that can be experimented with.

Nice Surf :!:

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Post by Split8mm » Thu Jan 29, 2004 5:05 pm

FilmIs4Ever wrote: So please leave some comments about how often you browse this forum and what you're working on now (if anything). I have a funny feeling that many of the people here are more about just talking about film rather than going out and shooting.
I check this forum site regularly. I own about 10 R8 cameras, all Bolex wind-up. I love the look, feel, sound and smell of them! I've put a roll of film through almost all of them (except the H8 ), but I usually take the B8L with me when I travel. I probably shoot about 1 reel of film a month. There is no story line, no plot, no script, and no actors. I just film my travels, family, and vacations. And I LOVE watching my films! And my family seems to enjoy it too. :D So I'm making absolutely no contribution to society with my films, but for some reason, I still like to do it!

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Post by Commodore » Fri Jan 30, 2004 2:35 am

This is a great site/forum with friendly people that answer questions quickly and effectively. I'm glad I found it.

Currently I am working on one s8 project, but am waiting for the weather to warm up a little bit, at least for the snow to get off the ground. I have made progress, costumes and props. Also I just finished building a dolly following internet instructions using PVC pipes and scrounging a pair of in-line skates.
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Post by FilmIs4Ever » Fri Jan 30, 2004 5:46 am

I own about 10 R8 cameras, all Bolex wind-up.
Split8mm: you're not alone; I am also an avid fan of R8, as is (duh!) regular8mm and OldUncleBerry and several others. It's a great format, all mechanical and no flimsy S8 cartridges (no offence). It is also quite analogous to 16mm, being 16mm with extra perf.'s, so its a great stepping-stone in 16mm with particular mention to the H8 to H16. I am considering trying to get 7399 Ektachrome dupe made with DR8 perf.'s by Kodak sometime in the future. I also plan on doing a feature in DR8 as well as trying to get some useable footage out of a flutzed up H8 that jammed up every ten feet when I tried to do a documentary on Roe v. Wade in DC this past week.

I just figured out that I haven't answered my own querry about myself, so here goes. . .

I'm member #472, although I remember trying to join earlier than I did. My '94 Power Mac 7100 didn't do the trick and the computer I'm working on now was busted at that time. Eventually, I joined up on the 7100 by some miracle. I got into film after I saw the cheesy movie "Pearl Harbor" (that's what everyone else says about it, but I don't think it was that bad excluding the cheap computer graphics). Looking back upon the incident now, I realize that the camera involved must have been an Eyemo or Filmo, but I digress. The one guy is doing a newsreel and he ends up shooting footage of the Japanese attack when he realizes what's going on. He ends up getting killed, but there were some great shots that were through his camera, and then it hit me that that's what I wanted to do, go back in time and be a combat photographer in WWII. Being only 15 at the time, I didn't realize that this was indeed impossible. It really sucks being born in 1986 instead of 1926. Then I found out that S8 was alive through (of all things you think) the internet! (Maybe I found out about S8 before Pearl Harbor, but I kinda got into all things film the Spring of 2002 and haven't turned back since) Incredible that a derivative of the same computer technology that almost killed the format back around my birth was responsible for this big revival. I then looked for a camera, found out about the differences between S8 and R8. I set my eye on S8, but after getting pissed off at Cameta camera's confusing item lists I lost track of 8mm for a while. Then about a year ago, I found eBay. Oh my God what a great place! I've spent so much money on auctions and such, learning all the time about real reel cameras like the H8, B8 and P1. I also got a S8, which was my original plan, but after seeing a great post for the H8 I was hooked on the clockwork cameras of Paillard Bolex. My first H8 came from Michael Carter [regular8mm]. It's a great camera! Unfortunately, being the clutz that I am, I managed to fuck up the beautiful reflex Pan Cinor he included with the camera and ended up lenseless. This led to me getting a B8 for the lenses, breaking the camera and the 36mm lens and just about giving up in desperation. I couldn't move the focus ring on the 36mm and wish now that I would have been able to read some of the expert posts on this forum about this very topic. I ended up totally defacing it and ruining the paint without getting it working. I thought the little cheap 12.5 fixed focus was missing an element, but figured out that it was a working lens and moving on. My plans for a movie that led me to purchase the camera fell apart as everyone ostracized me for wanting to do it on something better than SVHS-C or DV and asking for a few bucks a piece for film and processing. I came back to the internet and that's about the time I joined this forum. Here I can relax and be among others just like me, not as young and crazy, but just as pationate for 8mm and getting the best quality and having something tangible in 16 or 18 pictures every second and not needing a computer to make art. The whole idea of processing film really got me into it too, and I got a Morse tank with the help of Martin Baumgarten and am going to be using it this one of these days when I find someone foolish enough to sell me some sulfuric acid or car battery acid. I ended up getting a DAT recorder and a P1 and another busted B8 and merging it with the B8 I already had to make a working camera again. I took the B8 and P1 with me to Hawaii for a family vacation and really enjoyed the whole aspect of R8. I could have taken the H8 or the one Super 8 I had gotten just before the trip, but I opted not to. I finally got to shoot some film in Hawaii, 4-25ft. rolls of K25 and 3 25 ft. rolls of Fomapan. I also shot one roll of K40 outside probably without a filter in Ohio on the synchronex before leaving; I might get it developed just for kicks when and if I get money and kick the eBay bug. I finally got some lights and a cheap tape splicer in an auction early this year, as well as two more H8's that were going for giveaway. I got another Pan Cinor and H8 for just $51! I also got another H8 for a viewfinder and the extra lenses and parts in general. I don't think the Bolex H8 I have now is working right because the shutter doesn't move at the same speed as the H8 I got as a repair body and ended up fixing. Also, I must have damaged the H8 I got from Mr. Carter because of the problems it had in DC. I'm certainly not giving up hope on it though. . . I plan on somehow getting the crumpled and torn film flattened and spliced back together. It was a 100ft. double run roll and I only got about 110ft. out of total 200 shot before the film got torn up in the camera. I will have to spend some time in my new make-shift basement darkroom messing around with it but, God-willing, its gonna make it. I'm afraid of sending it to a lab for processing in the shape it is, but I have heard of this one place that processes film on a special drum that sounds like it might be just the place to get this tough job done. I have now come up with my first solid movie idea. I was thinking about doing separate color exposures on the same piece of film rewound back through the camera (which is EASY on the H8 ) but then realized the odds against me doing three consecutive takes without a fuckup. I have borrowed from this one movie where the guy is writing a novel in 7 days and is using his own life experiences in the novel. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take the crazy deep dark secrets and nagging thoughts buried inside of me and get them off my chest and share those ideas and conceptions with others through my movie. It's basically going to be about the whole concept of free-will and choice. My movie explores this and the days I've spent thinking about if there really is human choice or if it isn't all just highly evolved instinct and we aren't fooling ourselves. I want to do some optical effects or maybe bipacking (thanks go to members of this forum for that idea) to have two ghost images of myself playing out the possibilities of actions that can occur and my character worrying about which choice is better and agonizing about how even the smallest choice can have major, unpredictable consequences on his life. I am going to take a "crash course" on lighting from whatever I can find here and from books I can scrounge up for this undertaking, and I'm going to try to find people crazy enough to act in my flic. I don't know where to get the money for the film, but it'll turn up somewhere, somehow. I don't even want to think about multiple takes. I might do it like an old soap opera (1 take that's it) if I can't make ends meet on my virtually non-existant budget. Scripts will probably be done like good old Star Trek with dialogue being made up on the spot, even more obvious special effects, and Shatnerian acting. I'll still be proud of bringing my image to a silver screen and maybe even transferring it to video so some dozen may also view my first thought-child. When and if it is ever completed, I'll upload it here, and you can all laugh at it just like you'll laugh at this crazy, sleep-deprived post :wink: I've probably told everyone too much about myself and too much about ebay and too much about my stupid movie, but at least you know that there's a future for Super8 and R8 and 16mm in the near future and maybe even bigger formats later: me.

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Post by S8 Booster » Sun Feb 01, 2004 12:41 am

since it is growing fast - i wonder who´s going to be the milleium man/woman.

Millienium Man/Woman?

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