Processing Kodak S8 Black and White

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Processing Kodak S8 Black and White

Post by wahiba » Wed May 08, 2002 9:05 am

I have just acquired some Tri-X and Plus-X with the intention of developing them myself. Mad I know, but this is a hobby.

I would also like to develope them as negatives rather than going through the palaver of reversal processing. Modern technology can do that for me electronically.

However, both the plus-x and tri-x are referred to as reversal film on the cartridge. So these are the following questions.

How different is the cine film from the still film sold with the same name?

I know it will develope as a negative - but any quirks to watch out for?

How about film speed settings - the given values are less than I expected?

Thanks in anticipation.
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