Eumig Mark-S-709

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Eumig Mark-S-709

Post by film-Bel » Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:03 pm

Hi there,

Came across my family's old Eumig 709 which seems to be in generally very good condition (so far so good anyway!), and a ton of 8mm and Super8s reels from over the years - so, as you can imagine, am very keen to get everything up and running.

I am a total newbie with projectors, but am already hooked!

I've noticed that the Eumig's lens is showing signs of dust/marks inside the front glass - is there any trick to removing these - can that particular lens be dismantled do you know? I wanted to check with you guys before I go ahead and try anything!

Appreciate any advice you can let me have! Thanks for your time.


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