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Post by pamagar » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:14 pm

Hi, good evening for everyone!

My name is Pablo and I´ve been shooting super-8 for almost 5 years. Althought I´m not very skilled at technical aspects I have a few questions that I hope you guys can resolve.

Currently I´m shooting with a Canon 814 Autozoom Electronic and Kodak Vision 500T. I love the results I´ve been geting from the cartridges that I had shot. I´ve shot them on daylight, at 18fps and without anything special such as filters or anything else. Right now I´m planing to do some kind of "studio" shots and I doubt which film should I get. Should I get something like Vision 50T? Which kind of color film negative should I get?

For what I´ve seen the 500T is a bit too grainy for the shots that I´m speaking about. Is there any way to light the scenes that I want to film (some DIY stop motion stuff with zigurats and toys)? I´ve got a LED torch, should I light the scenes with that or would it be a bit too rough? does a photo-reflector works well with super 8 and the stuff that I´m planing to shoot? should I shoot that stuff at 24fps in order to get more "quality"?

Last thing u guys should know is that I´m shooting without any kind of lightmeter... or light measurement.

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Post by Andreas Wideroe » Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:29 pm

Hi Pablo and welcome to the Filmshooting forums!

I agree that Vision3 500T is too grainy for Super8 unless you're after that grainy look. However, I think Vision3 200T is a great all-round film. I would recommend that. Less grain than 500T, nice colours and works fairly well with not "that much" light.

50D is daylight balanced and very fine grain. Needs lots of light, but can also be used if lighted carefully. Still, I would only use that film indoors if I had a lightmeter and could control the scenes/shots perfectly.

Best of luck!

PS! I'm moving this topic to the Small Gauge film forum which has more traffic.

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