Eumig 125XL vs. Kodak T500

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Eumig 125XL vs. Kodak T500

Post by grainy » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:17 pm

Hi folks -- I'm working on a nighttime project next month and hoping to use my snazzy Eumig 125XL because of its very fast lens.

I've previously only shot reversal outdoors in the daytime with the camera, this'll be my first time trying the T500 on super 8 at night in dark conditions.
My main question is this: the camera has an autoexposure system, no manual option, and the camera of course predates 500T -- so -- is there something I need to do/know to make sure it opens up as much as possible when necessary?
There's a button to add "+1 gain" which I think I'll always use, but otherwise, it seems to me that aside from backlight issues, the camera should just detect low light and peg it.

Any advice on this?

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