Konica Compact 8 exposure of Tri-x?

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Konica Compact 8 exposure of Tri-x?

Post by PastelShoal » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:44 am

I recently ordered a Konica Compact 8 Super 8 camera. Primarily due to its status as the smallest s8 camera in existence, as well as the design cues it takes from single 8 cameras. In my search for the little info on this camera I came across this link. http://www.filmkorn.org/super8data/data ... mpact8.htm

It states there that the Compact 8 will only meter to 100 ISO film. This is obviously an issue when it comes to Tri-x reversal which is a 200 ISO S8 film. So my question is of the accuracy of this website. From my search on this website, it would seem that a few people here have had some experience with this camera. I am under the impression that it takes a 1.35v battery for the meter. With this context in mind how have those of you who have shot this camera thought about it's exposure of tri-x? Will I need to pull the film after shooting? Is the meter in this camera even accurate? Someone here said it exposes Ektachrome well, so the meter can't be that awful.

Any help is really appreciated!

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