Canon 814XL-S Shutter Angle Aperture Indication Concern

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Canon 814XL-S Shutter Angle Aperture Indication Concern

Post by PatCrash » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:30 pm


I just purchased a Canon 814XL-S off ebay. I studied the manual, and worked with the camera to get to know it. I have a concern regarding the shutter angle. This camera comes with a 150 degree setting as well as an "XL" setting of 220 degree setting. When I switch between the 2 shutter settings, I can hear what I something happening for about 2-3 seconds, like the camera making the adjustment. The concern I have is that the aperture indication reading in the viewfinder does not budge at all. I have tried making the adjustment under various conditions (e.g., w/ and w/out film, low light environment and high light environment, 9 18 and 24 fps) and the aperture reading doe not budge when I change the shutter setting. That said, when I engage/disengage the internal filter, change fps, and zoom in and out, the aperture reading does change.

Does anything have any experience with this for the 814XL-S or the 1014XL-S? I am trying to decide if I should return the camera.

Thank you.

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