Anyone have a kodak ektasound 130-260?

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Anyone have a kodak ektasound 130-260?

Post by slashmaster » Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:14 pm

I'm trying to shoot tri-x in a dark club setting. Been thinking about one of those ektasounds because of it's 230 degree shutter and f 1.2 lens which does not lose any light going through a viewfinder. Trying to figure out all the differences between them all. I would be right to say the 130-160 came first and 230-260 came a few years later right? The 130 and 230 only have fixed focus and all others you can focus right? Don't think I want fixed focus, that eliminates those two!.. What do the 150, 160, 250 and 260 have that the 140 and 240 don't?.... I'd also be open to any suggestions on something as good or better than an ektasound in a low light setting.

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