Yashica Super-8 30

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Yashica Super-8 30

Post by Jessie » Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:15 am

I'm pretty new to the Super-8 world and would need some help, if possible. I recently bought a Yashica Super-8 30 ThruTheLens CdS-EE. There's an exposure control knob on it. How does it work? The options are "BL", "I" and "N". What do they stand for? My guess was "Backlighted", "Indoor" and "Neutral", but I really ain't sure. Also the knob doesn't stay in place to select the option (will it stay when I put the cartridge or the lamp)? Or is it just to adjust the focus? Sorry, I'm really new to this as I said...
My other question was about the button to verify the batteries. How does it work? Will a light turn on when I press it to let me know the batteries are okay?
Thanks in advance for your precious help! It's really appreciated!
Jessie :-)

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