Anyone here have good luck adding borax to developer?

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Anyone here have good luck adding borax to developer?

Post by slashmaster » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:06 pm

I'm processing old 4x film with a certain amount of haze. So I tried overexposing it a bit and under developing at about 7 minutes to reduce it to this level. ... =3&theater

I heard adding borax to developer could help it more. So I put in a spoon and a half full and tried again at 6 minutes. Got what's on the bottom right. ... =3&theater

The top one was when I shaved off a couple minutes more, made little difference.

So what do I do now? Was a spoon and a half way too much borax? Judging by how dark it is, maybe 1 minute is the right amount to develop it? Or should I toss it all and mix up some more? Just how much borax should I use to get rid of film haze?

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