Exposing Super8 films properly with Nizo S560??

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Exposing Super8 films properly with Nizo S560??

Post by jellybean » Sat Dec 12, 2015 4:05 am

Hello all.

I'm new to this format and i have a few questions about exposing these super 8 films properly:

Tri-X 7278
Plus-X 7276
Vision3 50D
Vision3 500T

I have a Nizo S560 and for the expired Tri-X 7278 i plan on setting it to the tungsten setting, allowing me to shoot at a correct exposure of 160asa, and putting an external red filter on the lens for better contrast and for use in bright sunlight. Am i doing this right?

For the expired Plus-X 7276 i am unsure of what to do. Will my Nizo's meter expose this correctly in daylight? I have heard even with aged reversal i must shoot at the original exposure the film was made for to get the best results. Should i also use an external red filter and set it to tungsten? I could set it to daylight and use the internal 85 filter but i heard it was plastic and cheap and that an external red filter would give me better, contrasty, results. (correct me if I'm wrong)

As for the Vision3 50D, can i just pop this in and shoot on the tungsten setting? (because its already daylight film) I'm also unsure wether the Nizo's meter will expose this correctly or not.

And for Vision3 500t, how would i shoot this properly in daylight? I guess set it to tungsten, (Nizo s560's maximum asa reading is 160 tungsten) then add on an external 85 filter for color correction, then maybe a ND filter to help with proper exposure? What asa would i be at then? I know that a little overexposing is good for this film but i just don't know how much to overexpose and what asa i would be at after using an external 85 filter and maybe, an ND filter. I would want to try to avoid pushing and pulling the film as this would make the developing part cost more. ?

Sorry for all the questions! Help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

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