Goko RM-8008 Stereo Recording Editor

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Goko RM-8008 Stereo Recording Editor

Post by sciolist » Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:40 pm

I've got a couple of Goko RM-8008 Stereo Recording Editor motorized viewers. One has some issues that I'd like to fix and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience making such repairs.

The first mirror in the optical path (immediately below the film gate) is slightly cloudy. I suspect this may affect the brightness of the image on the screen and, while I've seen some improvement cleaning the mirror with a damp cotton swab, the mirror's still slightly cloudy. I'm not sure if it's a front surface mirror and don't want to apply other cleaning agents.

The image projected on the screen is slightly off center to the right (with the edges of sprocket holes visible on the left). While there's a framing knob that corrects vertical positioning, horizontal positioning would appear to be adjusted by moving the third mirror in the optical path. It has a screw bearing on the metal frame to which it's secured, but the head of the screw is inaccessible. Reaching the screw head seems to require the removal of the front plastic housing from the metal chassis.

Any knowledgeable help would be appreciated.

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