Could use a little more help processing films

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Could use a little more help processing films

Post by slashmaster » Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:21 pm

In addition to the problems in my other post, the film I made cupped just like a metal tape measure while it was on the drying rack. It was cupped base side out so bad that it scratched on the gate first or 2nd time I played it. The film was also very dirty for a new film, although it has since cleaned up a bit, still has water marks.

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Re: Could use a little more help processing films

Post by wahiba » Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:34 pm

It is a while since I processed a movie film but I still regularly process camera films.

As far as I remember I dried the cine film outside on the washing line!

I know what you mean about film dirt. You wash it for ages, hang it out ot dry and then you find all sorts on it. I suspect there is an element of static electricity so maybe it is a good idea to use a metal drying rack suitably earthed. This is an educated guess that might be totally wrong, but me thinks I might try earthing the next fim I process.

A drop of wetting agent in the washing water is supposed to help. As all it is is washing up liquid this also works. From what I remember from last trying it though streaks can appear still.

I suspect drying with a gentle draft is probably the way proffesional machines do it.

Good Luck
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