Best place for film tranfer to dv?

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Best place for film tranfer to dv?

Post by mike » Wed Jun 05, 2002 3:27 am

Can anybody recommend a place that can transfer 8mm and super8 film to dv. I plan on editing the footage in either Premiere or Avid Cinema on a Power Mac. I did a web search but some sites seem shady and dont even know what they are talking about. I dont want a poor quality transfer done with a cheap video camera or even a quality video camera to vhs.
Rank seems out of the question anyway, as the price seems unjustified.

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MovieStuff DV8 transfers!

Post by MovieStuff » Thu Jun 06, 2002 12:26 am


I think you might be interested in the service we offer. Please see:

We use a custom manufactured transfer unit called the DV8, which is specifically designed for super rock solid transfers to video, including miniDV. We charge $15 per 50 foot roll if you prep the footage and $18 per 50 foot roll if we prep it. We clean and provide scene to scene color and density corrections as well. Several people from these forums have used us and I think they can tell you best if the quality is professional grade.

Hope to hear from soon!

Roger Evans

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