super 8 film

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super 8 film

Post by Guest » Sat May 25, 2002 12:23 pm

Hi guys, I uploaded a film of mine on this site. Technically speaking, the compression hasn't been very succesfull but it looks ok none the less. It has got some lipsync parts in it, but the language spoken is dutch (!)

Hope you like it and like to leave some feed back. It's about a painter and recorded in K40 and Tri x.

It's quite heavy and takes about 7 minutes downlaod time with cable.

Name of the file is "tondef.rar"
Let me know what you think


Mattias could you delete the tondef.mpg?/ since it was to heavy to upload it I stopped the oplaoding half way


el don
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Post by el don » Sat May 25, 2002 9:00 pm

very very nice, some cool ideas as far as editing is concerned. I just didn't get any single word
Tri-X is really really grainy, but i think this is what you used it, and k-40 is just awesome. The colors are great, especially in the painter's workshop. Could you give some details about the equipment you used ? i'm curious about the kind of lighting you used inside. Oh, and what about the music, where did you find it?
and i love the last part. Did you used a different camera for it, or did you just overexpose the film and shot it out of focus on purpose?


Post by Guest » Sat May 25, 2002 10:43 pm

Hi El Don,

Thanks for the compliment. I like the part at the painters workshop best as well. Actually it is the only part in the film where I took all the time of the world to set up the lighting, and it pays back. I used two 1250 watts Hedler lights and put some white paper in front of it to make it look softer. I really needed all the lights I had.

In the other parts I had to work with available light and haven't been able to expose securely. Some parts, I worked at the lowest possible aperture, and, like in the grave yard, i had to take away the daylight filter to get an exposure at all. But the blue added to the atmosphere.

The last part was recorded this way more ore less accidentally. Well, actually my battery was almost finished, so the camera worked at a lower speed, while I had set it for 24 fps, that's how it got overexposed. On the projected film this looks very good, since the colours look very much like brushstrokes of paint. It really looks brillant, but it didn't came out after telecine.

I used a beaulieu 5008 ms exept for the part outside with the children, where I used a Nizo 4080. Actually I think I like the Nizo image better, because it gives a softer image.



Post by Guest » Sat May 25, 2002 10:45 pm

...oh and the music..the first is canonball adderley, the second art pepper (art's blues"), the third Vivaldi's requiem and the last was Chopin.


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