Projector focus adjustment

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Projector focus adjustment

Post by cameraguy » Thu May 23, 2002 8:09 pm

My Elmo projector is no longer holding focus from edge to edge. I can focus one side but the other goes out and vice versa. I played a bit with the pressure plate screws but it doesn't seem to do anything. This is the GS-1200 model, Any tips?


Post by Guest » Fri May 24, 2002 12:34 am

This is very easy, as the horizontal focus is adjustable at nearly all Elmo projectors.

First check, if the pressure plate is really matching with the gate (no worn out, broken or missing springs).

Align the projector close to 90 degree to the screen.
Then project a scene rich of details (landscape) or a resolving power test film and set the machine to still projection and focus.

Now you open the front cover and take a long fine philips screwdriver.
Look directly onto the front lens. If you would imagine a quadratic frame around the front lens, you will discover a small tiny screw at the bottom of the right hand side of this frame. This screw is in the detachable lens holder and determines the parallelity between the lens holder and the gate.

Now you adjust the parallel alignment turning this screw, watching the projected image, compensating after each screw adjustment the focus, until you have obtained an totally even focus over the the complete frame.
Afterwards, you can fix the screw position with a drop of glue.


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Post by jessh » Fri May 24, 2002 9:18 pm

instead of using a drop of glue to fix it in place you would probably be better off using a drop of break away lock tite or nail polish. the locktite is designed for this purpose and i will hold it in place but still allow you to adjust it if you need to(as long as you do not get the permanent kind)


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