buying super 8 cameras!?

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Post by wahiba » Sun Feb 09, 2003 6:14 pm

There camera prices look fair - but the price of the Eumiq 6001D projector is a bit OTT. It is exactly the same as my 607D and even with the f1.0 lense thrown in is unlikely to make that kind of money. Unless there is something exotic about that model that is not obvious.
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Post by supa8 » Sun Feb 09, 2003 7:39 pm

That's funny. I told him the same thing about the Eumig projector because i thought it was expensive for a silent projector. His reply was that Sound projectors are much heavier (and especially sound projectors by eumig because they're all made of metal) and are therefore cheaper unless they're the latest versions or have this stereo system like the Bauer ones.

I had never thought of this before but it appears that many people look for very light projectors for installations and performances, as they often need to carry several projectors.

personally I preferred a sound projector for this price, as I don't move my projector so often. It's not the kinda stuff you're gonna be jogging with... That's why I got a Bauer sound projector from them.

Actually i would appreciate if anybody has more remarks regarding the cameras (especially the bauer royal 8 macro and the minota 601 : they're the ones I bought). You know the way you buy something and you go like: maybe i should have got something else.
I was going to get the agfa movexoom 10 but he told me it didn't have the time exposure, nor variable shutter or double exposure so i decided to spend a couple more quids on the bauer.
I kinda think i made the right choice but it's always good to get a confirmation from people who know themselves out.

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